The Innovation and Design Bldg: 17-19 Lab Conversion – Wise Construction

Jamestown/Related Beal

The Innovation and Design Bldg: 17-19 Lab Conversion

Mechanically intensive building conversion to support 550,000 SF of future lab tenants including modification of 72,000 SF roof for eight new AHUs, four exhaust AHUs, cooling towers, chillers, boilers, and a two MW generator. Nine HVAC shafts added along with new freight elevator, new plumbing risers and vents, pH neutralization, and eletric. All completed in a building occupied by 35 tenants.

Market Sector

Science & Technology

Jamestown/Related Beal





Square Footage

270,000 SF

Key Features

Office, Occupied Renovation, Laboratory, Infrastructure/Conversion, Building Conversion


Aggressive timeline to accommodate incoming tenants; Occupied, active building with multiple tenants set within an active cruise ship port; Multiple shutdowns of main building systems


Highly orchestrated logistics planning to work around tenants and cruise ship schedules: plans and look-ahead schedules accomodated for 30 individual tenants; Use of BIM/VDC tools to ensure accuracy within the field


On-time turnover and minimized disruption to critical tenants within the building


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