A2001 and Cafe – Wise Construction

Confidential Client

A2001 and Cafe

Transformation of office spaces located on the second floor of Pfizer’s North Andover campus. An existing office space was renovated with an open concept and included the build-out of 36 workstations, one conference room, and two telephone rooms. Four other separate office rooms were demolished and converted into an open space to house a kitchenette and cafe area. The 2,500 SF of space was completed within a 4-month timeline.

Market Sector

Science & Technology

Confidential Client


Andover, MA



Square Footage

2,600 SF

Key Features

Renovation, Office, Occupied Renovation


Coordination between multiple projects that were simultaneously in construction. The additional projects were taking place on the roof and the first floor.


High level of coordination and communication between all trade partners and our client since the building was fully occupied during construction.


A completed office area with multiple conference rooms and a communal kitchenette/cafe space.


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