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Cardiology and Health Technology Management

Boston Children’s Hospital

Cardiology and Health Technology Management

Two renovations simultaneously occurred within the Cardiology and Health Technology Management (HTM) departments. On the fourth floor, we delivered an extension of the cardiology department, a space previously completed by Wise. The renovations included a stress area, ECO exam room, sonogram room, breathing rooms, lobby area, workstations, and offices. Close coordination with tenants above in the psychiatric department, below in the active patient unit, and the adjacent Cardiology department was required. The project called for prefabrication and rerouting of existing MEPs. Once completed a circular flow was created for the entire Cardiology department, connecting the new space with the existing. At the same time, on the ground floor we renovated the HTM space with the help of prefabricated coordination with our MEP team due to a minimum 7′ 10” ceiling height. The space is now ready to store technological equipment for the hospital.

Market Sector


Boston Children’s Hospital


Waltham, MA



Square Footage

5,622 SF

Key Features



Navigating around the occupied departments that were above, below, and adjacent to the new expansion of the Cardiology wing. The HTM space showed challenges due to the height constraint of the ceiling being 7′ 10”.


High level coordination with the surrounding departments and our MEP team.


A seamless connection of the renovated Cardiology wing with the existing department along with a completely prefabricated HTM space.


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