Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A workplace built on belonging.

Our contagious culture attracts people of all backgrounds and experiences. This continues to enrich and strengthen our teams and builds environments, both on and off the jobsite, that give our people an authentic sense of belonging. With diversity at our foundation, we build dynamic and successful teams.

Women of Wise

Wise has a robust co-op program with Boston area schools. This program provides apprenticeship opportunities for students of all backgrounds to get real-life experience in construction management and to get a leg-up on securing a career within the industry upon graduation. Many of our co-op interns are retained as full-time employees at Wise, evolving to become Project Executives or Superintendents during their tenure.

Additionally, we’ve been collaborating with clients to offer a Construction Mentor Program (“CMP”). CMP provides access and opportunity for underrepresented populations through a collaborative platform that connects these individuals to AEC industry stakeholders for apprenticeship and mentoring.

Company Wide Staff
55% of the Wise workforce identifies as female.
Project Management Staff
The Wise Project Management Staff is 55% female and 45% minority.
Self-performance/Field Operations Staff
Self-performance/Field Operations Staff are 52% minority.