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Laser Lab

Harvard University

Yao Laser Lab Renovation

A state-of-the-art optical laser laboratory for the 135+-year-old Jefferson Laboratory Building at Harvard University. The interior renovation spanned areas of the basement, first floor, and second floor with the enhancement of the space’s temperature, humidity, and dust controls. The second floor included an amenity space finished with a kitchenette, lounge, conference room, and seating area. Installation of significant structural upgrades and coordinated custom-built mechanical equipment to support the lab and its laser equipment, chemical fume hood, and annealing furnace. Major MEP/FP updates included the installation and assembly of two AHUs in their new mechanical support spaces and remastered sprinkler system.

Laser Lab
Laser Lab
Laser Lab
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Harvard University




HGA Architects and Engineers

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Key Features

Office, Occupied Renovation, Laboratory


Structurally low tolerances and confined spaces; 140 year old building reconfigured with new modern infrastructure


Meticulous planning utilizing BIM and creating custom built mechanical systems; Close coordination with design and project team


An Optical Laser Laboratory with two new AHU’s reinforced in the basement completed on time


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Laser Lab
Laser Lab

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