Creating Value Through Mockups

No matter what the industry is, mockups are a valuable and sometimes underutilized tool. Mockups can take place in many different forms, but the overall benefit is to provide both the facility team as well as the end users with a tangible visual of the design, whether it’s the layout, scale or finishes. Not only can this eliminate user-driven changes further along in the construction schedule, but it can help drive purchasing decisions and aid in value engineering.

Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) understands the importance of mockups. They incorporate mockups on many of their projects, bringing in their end users early so they can fully communicate the use of the space before design is finalized. The hospital is currently in the process of upgrading two MRI units within a tightly occupied radiology floor. Space is valuable throughout the hospital, so to make the most of the control room areas, BCH’s team worked with Wise to create cardboard replicas of the equipment which was placed throughout what would become the control room area. This gave users a tangible experience with what the completed room would feel like with the equipment, allowing them to provide feedback and revisions before the space was fully constructed.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals used mockups in a very different way to help maximize layout and make finish decisions on their Global Information Services department. Wise worked closely with Vertex, the design team and other key vendors to try different variations of furniture, partition systems, ceiling types and cloud systems. During construction Wise used traditional stick built methods versus the installation of a DIRTT wall system, providing Vertex a side by side comparison of the two methods. This exploration of varying building methods and material exploration helped Vertex plan their future strategic space goals, driving finish decisions on dozens of other departments throughout the building.

Whether your goal is defining the final layout, utilizing a space to its fullest capacity, or selecting finishes, mockups aid in making decisions while avoiding costly changes down the road. Wise Construction’s experience and creativity can drive the process, making the transition from idea to finished space an ultimate success.