Building Efficiencies through VDC

With Covid constraints on jobsites, creating efficiency is more important than ever. VDC has been a valuable tool for years, and both newer technologies, along with new uses for existing ones, are helping construction move forward. Wise’s VDC team is constantly leveraging their experience and technologies, and has been adapting to help safely drive productivity throughout the pandemic. Some of what they have been doing includes:

  • 3D Scanning
    Throughout every stage of a project, 3D scanning is giving Wise a valuable way to document and share conditions in real time, eliminating the need for extra bodies on site. This is helping aid in getting accurate as-builts, logistics planning, exploring field conflicts, tracking progress, creating punchlists, and linking equipment with O&M’s. And because Wise owns and operates all scanning equipment, scans can be performed throughout several stages of the project, allowing owners to virtually “walk through” the space. This provides them with the best possible detail of existing conditions, allowing the team to make the most informed decisions.


  • Intelligent 3D Modeling
    In preconstruction, the design team and Wise’s VDC department can integrate existing point cloud information with designs to ensure all complex MEP’s, architectural and structural elements will fit within the space. Not only does this eliminate possible clashes that may not be found until construction has started, but the level of accuracy allows for prefabrication offsite. In a time where social distancing is required, prefabrication is extremely valuable in decreasing the number of people onsite while allowing the schedule to move forward.


  • 4D Imaging & Sequencing
    Once 3D modeling is completed, the Wise team can import the files into 4D imaging and sequencing. This allows the team to virtually sequence construction, allowing them to get into every detail for scheduling. It also aids in manpower planning while improving coordination among multiple building systems, allowing the team to strategize the best way to schedule and staff a project.

With the ever-changing environment, these and other technologies used by Wise’s VDC team are more important than ever to help drive efficiency on projects of every size and scope.