Glass encapsulated labs, surrounded by collaborative work space.
Wise Completes an Expansion of Emulate Inc. at 27 Drydock

Wise completes a 30,000 SF expansion to Emulate Inc.’s headquarters located at Related Beal’s 27 Drydock. The expansion included 10,000 SF of lab space made up of an ISO classified clean room, tissue culture labs as well as a gowning room and air shower. The labs are encapsulated in glass, capitalizing on the natural light and views that 27 Drydock offers.

The project required extensive upgrades to the infrastructure to support the added air exchanges and energy recovery efficiencies. By opening the space and allowing the natural light to flow through the offices to the labs the heating and cooling systems required adjustments to adapt to the fluctuating temperatures that come with natural sunlight. Wise added new roof top equipment, including lab exhaust and a fan coil unit. Installation of the rooftop equipment required close coordination with the Boston Planning & Development Agency and the cruise-port.

This project was unique because we were working alongside the Emulate employees throughout the expansion. The users of the future lab space could see it day-to-day as it was transformed. This allowed for a cohesive flow of communication between the users, designers and the construction team. 

Maintaining the company culture and feel of the existing office space into the newly expanded space was important to the Emulate team. Emulate creates living products for understanding how diseases, medicines, chemicals and foods affect human health. Their Human Emulation System recreates human biology and is being used to advance product innovation, design and safety across a range of applications including drug development. Their new space provides a bright, collaborative and creative environment to continue their mission while incorporating fun and whimsical additions, like the company built half pipe and swings in the newly constructed café. Working closely with the Emulate team, RW Sullivan, Jacobs and Hereva Consultants made for an outstanding space that will serve Emulate as they continue to grow.

The project team included R.W. Sullivan, Jacobs and Hereva Consultants