At Wise, safety is a 365-day job.

Every year, Construction Safety Week lets us reflect on our Safety Culture which is defined by our safety mission: Prioritizing the safety of our Wise staff, trades, and tenants, on and off our construction sites, so everyone can go home safe to their families each and every day.

Wise’s safety culture is embedded in everything we do, and our mission is demonstrated 365 days a year. With a .79 EMR, Zero OSHA Citations in 2022, and receiving Highwire’s Platinum Safety Award, these are just a few examples of our commitment to safe construction.

Another important part of our safety culture is expanding our team’s continued knowledge and preparation. From First Aid/CPR/AED Training received at the workplace, to 100% Certified FPPM and OSHA-30 Wise Superintendents, to our Corporate Safety Director, Marty Leik receiving his OSHA-500 Certification, Wise is an avid supporter of helping to broaden our Wise team members’ personal safety toolbox.

With over 25 safety stand-downs across all of our projects, Safety Week 2023 gave us the opportunity to take a short pause from our busy construction schedules to appreciate the people that help keep us safe on a day-to-day basis.

Our stand-downs were led by Marty Leik, who took the time to highlight important topics in the safety construction space like Mental Health Awareness and Heat Illness Prevention. Keeping our bodies and minds in a healthy and safe place will help to keep others safe in the process. One of Marty’s main takeaways from these topics was to emphasize that there are resources that can help— and Wise will always be there to help.

In addition to speaking on these extremely important topics, this week allowed us to say, ‘thank you’ to the men and women working on our sites. Each and every one of our field personnel—superintendents, laborers, carpenters, trade partners—are the front runners on our sites, getting the job done. Their safety, as well as that of anyone else who enters our sites, is always our main priority.

Our Safety Culture is defined not only by our mission to send everyone home safe to their families, but also the people driving and leading these messages. So lastly, we’d like to extend a wholehearted thank you to our Corporate Safety Director, Marty Leik. Your leadership, passion and professionalism guide us through 52 weeks, 365 days of safety a year. Thank you for keeping us safe!

Construction Safety Week, and every week going forward, we celebrate Wise’s 365-day commitment to safety.

safety week 2023
safety week 2023
safety week 2023