Construction Kicks off for Foghorn Therapeutics Kendall Square Headquarters

Foghorn® Therapeutics has selected Wise Construction to build its new Kendall Square headquarters. On January 10th the entire project team gathered to celebrate the occasion with a “groundbreaking” ceremony.

Foghorn, a Flagship Pioneering® company, was founded in 2016 by Cigall Kadoch, Ph.D., Gerald Crabtree, M.D., and Doug Cole, M.D., of Flagship Pioneering. The new headquarters will aid in the growth of Foghorn Therapeutics, who is advancing a new class of medicines targeting diseases with genetically determined dependencies in the chromatin regulatory system. The Company is rapidly advancing over 10 programs across a wide range of cancers and preparing to enter the clinic this year.

Located at 500 Technology Square, the new headquarters will span more than 60,000 SF over three floors starting 2020, with further expansion planned over time. The project is being completed in two phases on a fast-track schedule. The updated space will include biology labs, chemistry labs as well as open-space offices, huddle rooms, conference rooms and an employee café.

To help with the challenges of a fast-track schedule, Wise was brought in early for preconstruction and developed a 3D model of the space using our in-house BIM modeling team. The model reveals existing conditions and the current building systems. This information helps the entire team including key subcontractors to understand the entirety of the space from the inside out before construction even begins. Ceiling height is a critical point on this project due to the lab requirements. By having knowledge of the preexisting conditions before design was completed, the team has been able to maximize ceiling heights aligning mechanicals with the existing systems. Additionally, the team was able to plan for prefabrication of the mechanical systems. By incorporating the prefabricated mechanical systems Wise is able to build efficiencies into the schedule ensuring on time completion.

The Foghorn Therapeutics Team Includes:

  • Building Owner: Confidential Client
  • Property Manager: CBRE
  • Construction Manager: Wise Construction
  • Architect: Tria
  • Engineer: R.W. Sullivan
  • Code Consultant: Code Red Consultants

About Foghorn Therapeutics

Through its Gene Traffic Control™ Product Platform, Foghorn® Therapeutics is discovering and developing an unprecedented class of medicines targeting diseases with genetically determined dependencies in the chromatin regulatory system. The Company, currently pre-clinical stage, is rapidly advancing over 10 programs across a wide range of cancers and is beginning to explore other diseases.

The chromatin regulatory system orchestrates the movement of molecules that turn genes on and off. Disease dependencies associated with chromatin dysregulation are estimated to impact over 2.5 million cancer patients in G7 countries and chromatin dysregulation is further implicated in neurological, autoimmune, and other serious diseases. Foghorn’s proprietary Gene Traffic Control Product Platform is based on the Company’s unique insights into the chromatin regulatory system and enables highly scalable drug discovery and development efforts.
About Wise Construction
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