animation meets innovation
Animation Meets Innovation with Wise’s In-House VDC Team

On this #TechTuesday, we’re offering a glimpse into a recent project in Boston, MA, where animation meets innovation. 🏗️

Wise’s in-house VDC team utilized advanced BIM models and a 4D simulation animation to validate the delivery and installation of Air Handling Units (AHUs) needed to support the project’s future lab tenants. The video (see below) was created as a proof-of-concept study to present the logistics, helping the client and project partners understand the procedure.

Neil McCann, MEP/VDC Manager, explains: “The Wise project team and I got together and discussed the method for making the procedure work: the crane location, floor levels to access, and which curtain wall windows to temporarily remove. Then it was up to me to determine how to visualize it.”

Using his extensive BIM experience, Neil utilized Revit and Dynamo to bring the movable parametric components to life. Neil continues: “Site logistics planning is an important part of the pre-construction process. Providing virtual 3D environments with 4D simulations, where all stakeholders can preview the procedures, ensures the construction team on site will work safely, efficiently, and maximize productivity.”

Virtual presentations like these allow our project partners to “see” the idealized future, impacting the cost of manpower, materials, and equipment. Reinforcing the value of foresight in construction planning can reduce delays affecting overall project timelines and make improvements to refine the process.