promotions 2023
Wise Team Members Leading the Way to Promotions

Please join us in congratulating the following individuals on their promotions:

Bryan Clark: Senior Estimator
“Over the last year, Bryan has proven time and again to be a tremendous addition to our estimating team. Bryan is a team player whose knowledge, reliability and attention to detail have helped us land new clients, keep up with the demands of our existing clients, and support our internal teams with thorough estimates. And he does it all with a smile!” – Jason Hartford

Chris Schena: Senior Project Manager
“Chris started with Wise as an intern in high school back in 2016. He quickly excelled in his role and supported Wise’s largest project and client at the time, ensuring its successful completion. Chris has continued to polish his skills and has taken on some of the most challenging projects Wise has to offer within our Science & Technology and Healthcare markets. Chris is a shining example of hard work and dedication, and we are proud to have him on the Wise Team.” – Andrew Cacciola

Herb Pitts: Senior Superintendent
“Herb integrated into the Wise culture from the moment he started, bringing with him a wealth of healthcare knowledge and experience. Since joining Wise, Herb has successfully undertaken numerous challenging healthcare projects, including those in East Boston, MA, and is currently finalizing a 50,000 SF project in Plymouth, MA. The success of both projects has positioned us for future opportunities and, most notably, played a pivotal role in securing a recent major win. Herb, it’s always a pleasure working with you.” – Eric Libby

John DaSilva: Senior Superintendent
“John’s continuous positive approach, calm demeanor under pressure, meticulous planning, and clear communication skills makes him an outstanding leader. John’s dedication to mentoring and responsiveness, coupled with his embrace of new technologies and proactive thinking, truly exemplify our core values. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and leads by example, showcasing humility and gratitude while building raving fans with our clients. Here’s to continued success with John in his new role!” – Shawn Seaman

John Niro: Project Manager
“John has done an amazing job handling complex infrastructure and healthcare projects at top-tier institutions in Boston, MA. It’s not just about his technical skills – John’s ability to build solid relationships in the industry and take on multiple roles within project management is truly impressive. This promotion is a testament to John’s exceptional contributions, and we’re confident he’ll continue to shine in his new role.” – Noreen McDonnell

Julia Kalaev: Senior Project Manager
“Since joining Wise in 2021, Julia has consistently delivered successful projects with dedication, resilience, and hard work. Her expertise has been evident in executing challenging projects for esteemed academic institutions in Boston, as well as healthcare projects in East Boston. Julia’s exceptional work ethic and discipline have made her a valuable asset to the project management team. We look forward to her continued success and contributions here at Wise!” – Andrew Lynch

Nicole Martin: Project Manager
“Nicole has been a dedicated Wise team member for over 13 years. She initially joined as an Office Manager but quickly transitioned into project management where she played a crucial role in supporting various accounts within our Institutional and Healthcare markets. As Wise’s self-performing group of carpenters and laborers’ division expanded, Nicole was instrumental in its growth, contributing significantly to a team that grew from 12 to 77 employees in multiple trades. Nicole has been the backbone of the division, ensuring its smooth and successful operation through her unwavering commitment and efforts.” – Tom Healy