Wise Construction Completes Laboratory Renovations at BU’s NEIDL Building

Wise Construction recently completed upgrades a BL-4 laboratory within Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) building, which operates at the highest level of containment. This facility is part of a national network of secure laboratories that study infectious diseases, whether naturally occurring or introduced through bio-terrorism, and supports researchers developing diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.

Aside from the usual challenges of working within an occupied laboratory environment, the NEIDL facility had several unique factors, such as 12” thick floors, and stringent security requirements. Overall, Wise Construction’s commitment to the strictest standards for site cleanliness and containment ultimately lead to the project’s success.  The Wise team was honored to work in such a sophisticated facility where the research performed has the potential to make such a huge impact on the future research and control of infectious diseases.