EXPANDING MODEL ACCESS FOR BETTER COLLABORATION: How Revizto Helped Wise Fast Track a Complex Lab Retrofit

The Wise team recently completed retrofitting a 62,000 SF biotech/pharmaceutical lab in New England over a span of 30 weeks and 50,000 man-hours. This impressive effort was kick started by extensive virtual MEP coordination on the frontend led by Wise’s MEP-VDC Manager, Marc Seaver. 

Marc and his team are responsible for ensuring proper implementation of MEP Designs in conjunction with the Architectural Designs within the existing space and existing conditions. To successfully complete a project of this scope and timeline required a virtual coordination effort that allowed 100% visibility to all stakeholders—especially when the goal was 100% prefabrication for all subcontractors, and at times there were over 100 heads per day on the job site.


Biotech and pharmaceutical labs are among the most complex projects out there, specifically on the MEP side. A missed clash or unfixed issue can be detrimental to timelines, budget and cost. Before implementing Revizto on its projects, Wise regularly ran into a few specific challenges:

  • Field Personnel with no access to real-time models
  • Issue Tracking complications and manual reporting
  • Understanding Architectural Elevations and Relation to Coordination


By extending model access to all stakeholders, regardless of technical skill level, everyone can get on the same page and tackle issues as soon as they present themselves. With Revizto, Marc’s team took a truly proactive approach to issue tracking and collaboration.

  • Easily sharing the model with everyone from anywhere.
  • Automated Issue Tracking and reporting
  • Immersive Virtual Reality experience


Getting new technology, particularly BIM/VDC technology, integrated across teams with real buy-in, can be an uphill battle. On this project, Marc empowered all stakeholders with access to real-time models within Revizto. This enabled the coordinator to manage the entire process, host virtual meetings where everyone could see the same thing on their own screen, and work things out virtually before issues could present themselves in the field.

“Revizto regularly reduces man-hours on site by saving time with on-site clash resolution. Development of Architectural and MEP Features are easily accomplished in Revizto prior to issuance of Construction Documents.” Marc Seaver


Limitless, Centralized Collaboration

Revizto enables real-time model sharing from the cloud and cross-team collaboration from on or offsite, any device and any skill level. Wise teams worked together simultaneously, and the project superintendent collaborated on two systems, saving time working out where things needed to go.

Multistamping and Stamp Automation

With stamps, users easily categorize issues and automatically assign responsibility, send notifications, and report out to everyone impacted. Users can enforce standardized issues with predefined metadata and enable one-click issue creation to ease the burden of data entry on teams.

Real-time Issue Tracking and Reporting

Issue Tracking in Revizto helped teams track objects, review markups and communicate about specific objects in the model in real-time. Users standardize how data moves through the project and effectively communicate model-based tasks with the team.

Sheet Compare and 2D/3D Overlay

Sheet compare allows users to easily align and compare sheets and versions in real-time. Wise Construction used laser scans of the existing conditions and overlaid them with the new designs to coordinate the MEP’s within the allowable spaces providing simple weblinks of the photogrammetry.

2D/3D Measurements: Area and Polyline Tools

These enhancements allowed users to pull more info from a single place in the model, leveraging the power of Revizto as a holistic review and quality assurance tool and improving the visibility of details like architectural elevations/cuts in relation to coordinated MEPs.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Wise started the project by putting the design and design models inside Revizto. During a VR day, clients and scientist walked the site in an immersive true-to-scale VR experience within Revizto to understand where everything was going to be and explore real-model data and coordination issues.


Watch this video to learn more about this project and how Revitzo enhanced the collaboration process on this exciting project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTAs4C6R3sA