The Advantages of Pre-purchasing

Wise Construction was recently hired to build a new inpatient space for a Boston Hospital that required the installation of a 30,000 CFM AHU for rooftop service to the new space. Pre-purchasing of the unit was beneficial to the project in several ways:

  • We were able to coordinate with all trades and the manufacture to work out all maintenance and engineering needs up-front
  • Prefabrication and installation of the piping was completed in the shop. Installing all interior piping before the unit is placed allows for greater labor efficiency. This eliminates bringing pipe up to the roof and we taking workers off of other projects for installation
  • We have greater quality control because all issues are worked out in the factory
  • Lead times are a non-issue – we don’t have to worry about schedule delays
  • The steel fabricator (for the dunnage that was needed to support the unit) was able to inspect the unit and take measurements in the factory.

If this project had moved forward with Wise functioning as a General Contractor we wouldn’t have been able to release the HVAC package until award of the project. Our client needed the space turned over as soon as possible so that they could expand their inpatient availability to those that are gravely in need of their services.

There are many benefits to hiring a partner to function as a Construction Manager as opposed to a General Contractor. Adding a CM to the project team early in the design process allows us to assist in the development of the design, to provide insight into construction feasibility, and to work collaboratively on the most efficient means of executing construction. Decisions made at the early stages of the design process have the most impact on the success of the project.  This is true not only with respect to satisfying the program needs, but also in terms of establishing a projects budget and schedule. During the preconstruction phase we review the design documents and identify long-lead items such as materials or equipment that may require pre-purchase in order to meet or expedite the project schedule. Pre-purchasing equipment allows to greater quality control of the item and the ability to work out any potential discrepancies in the factory so the schedule isn’t negatively impacted.