Wise Decisions Make for a Safe Summer

Wise kicked off Construction Safety Week 2024 with gratitude for the dedication of our project teams at Wise. Their commitment to safe construction is motivated by a shared mission to send everyone home safe to their families every single day.

Christopher R. Gallo, Superintendent, and Ina Hajro, Assistant Project Manager, are among those Wise project teams that are setting the standard. Safety remains their top priority despite the logistical challenges of overseeing Phase 3 Real Estate Partners’ 120,000 SF, 10-story office and research & development building conversion at one of Boston’s busiest intersections.

As highlighted in the video, there is an immense amount of pre-planning and communication with trade partners, neighbors, and the City of Boston regarding our daily activities on-site. This is especially true for the many, many crane picks that are necessary for getting materials that don’t fit in the elevators onto and through the building, as well as the multiple picks carrying large, critical equipment. The logistical challenges of the 55 Summer Street project bring safety to the forefront of our operations, forcing us to ask these questions:

  • How do we ensure daily safety and no disruptions to the City of Boston?
    • This considers the busy intersection of car traffic, MBTA busses, and many pedestrians.
  • How can we continue to prioritize the safety of our trade partners who need to get in and out of the building with materials while also having to close off areas for crane picks?
    • This includes badging requirements, pre-task plans, weekly meetings, and lean construction principles like pull planning!

With a project as complex as this, it’s crucial to remember that safety is not an individual task, but a collective responsibility. Ina Hajro’s words in the video ring true, ‘Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It has to be a mindset, not a task.’ This mindset is fostered through effective communication and coordination, which are the keys to ensuring the safety of our project.