Ryan and Gustavo
We Stay Safe to Keep Patients Safe

At Wise, we understand that occupied hospital construction demands the highest priority be placed on patient safety. As we continue to reflect on Construction Safety Week 2024, we uphold the delicate balance between project needs and safeguarding the well-being of patients.

Our dedicated team members, Ryan Simoneau, Superintendent, and Gustavo Costa, Assistant Project Manager, exemplify this commitment at Boston Children’s Hospital. Their approach is among the Wise standard of hospital construction which emphasizes proactive communication with our trade and project partners and ensuring stringent adherence to infection control protocols.

As Ryan and Gustavo explain in the video, a critical aspect of our patient safety adherence is the communication with our trade partners about the importance of infection control protocols before and during mobilization on site. Some of the critical steps we take to maintain a high level of attention to detail throughout the project include:

  • Early Engagement and Proactive Communication: We begin by engaging with trade partners well before they mobilize on-site. Our project managers ensure that these conversations occur early to establish a shared understanding of the infection control processes and their importance.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support: Maintaining vigilance is key. Our superintendents and project managers continuously monitor the adherence to protocols, ensuring that attention to detail remains at 100% at all times.
  • Frequent Communication: Regular conversations with the trade partners’ office and field staff ensure continuous support and reinforcement of the infection control measures.
  • Foster a Culture of Safety: We cultivate a culture where safety and patient care are seen as shared responsibilities. Regular check-ins and ongoing education reinforce the importance of maintaining strict infection control practices.

As we navigate the complexities of these projects, we remain dedicated to proactive communication, infection controls, and continuous vigilance. Through these efforts, we ensure that our construction activities harmonize with the critical needs of patient care, creating environments where safety and well-being are paramount.