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Speed to Square Footage: Wise Completes 50,000 SF Multi-Specialty Outpatient Clinic in 10 Months

Wise understands the impact that accessible healthcare has on a community. We build with intention because we know our spaces improve the lives of the communities they serve. In our most recent transformation, Wise delivered a 50,000 SF Multi-Specialty Outpatient Clinic for a confidential client which has since opened for its 30,000 patients across Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury, Plympton, Carver, and other nearby cities and towns in Massachusetts.

The new outpatient clinic, located in Plymouth, combines six nearby practices, bringing all operations and staff under one roof. This allowed for a wide range of departments and medical services to be consolidated into one location. These include primary care (internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics), as well as expanded specialties such as optometry, ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopedics, podiatry, rheumatology, and ENT.

This significant change for the client, patients, and staff was top-of-mind for the Wise team as we understand the importance of delivering these spaces on time. Our priority while constructing the state-of-the-art facility was meeting the client’s desired schedule of 10 months so they could open and start seeing patients immediately. Though urgency was necessary, quality was not sacrificed. From start to finish, our project team diligently kept our site to the highest standards while always maintaining close communication with the client.

When the project began, the building had been vacant after housing retail locations and other businesses. Everything from HVAC systems to plumbing and electrical infrastructure had been stripped away, leaving behind a blank canvas for Wise to work with.

Despite the challenges posed by the project’s scale and tight schedule, Wise and project partners—Cube3 and R.W. Sullivan— rose to the occasion with innovative solutions. One key advantage of the facility was the absence of constraints typically encountered in hospital environments, such as strict infection control measures and noise restrictions. This allowed our team to focus on meeting the timeline of renovating 50,000 SF in just 10 months.

Procurement delays in acquiring critical pieces of equipment posed our most significant challenge, notably the delayed arrival of the facility’s new CT unit. The most significant medical technology addition to the clinic was a radiology suite with MRI and CT imaging. By integrating these services into an outpatient setting, patients can benefit from the shortened wait times for scans and streamlined coordination for follow-up care. Recognizing the significance of this advancement, Wise adapted to the workflow and adjusted our approach. We double-backed on tasks, completing the areas around and inside the room so that once the equipment arrived, the installation was smooth, and the schedule was unaffected.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as 3D point cloud scanning, Wise’s in-house BIM/VDC team played a pivotal role in streamlining the construction process. By creating accurate as-built models of the building’s infrastructure, they facilitated seamless coordination among various trades, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing costly rework.

Throughout the project, collaboration and communication were key to success. Wise worked closely with local authorities to address challenges, ensuring compliance without compromising the project timeline. Additionally, our partnership with the client, characterized by hands-on involvement and proactive problem-solving, fostered a productive working environment conducive to achieving our shared goal.

With an array of services now available, including an on-site pharmacy, optical shop, radiology/imaging services, laboratory services, and even a mobile MRI, the clinic stands as a beacon of accessible healthcare excellence. As the 78 exam rooms cater to a diverse range of medical needs, we are proud to contribute to the new home of patients and health providers in the Plymouth, MA community.

Throughout the project, we monitored all the materials needed to transform the previous shopping mall into a state-of-the-art medical practice center. Due to the immense size of the open floor plan, there were many required materials, MEP components, and finishes.

Starting underground we used 2,598 feet of soil and waste piping. Above ground, the plumbing system required 1,990 hangers to secure 27,850 feet of gripple, suspending 12,572 feet of plumbing pipe throughout the building. As for the airflow, a network of 12,957 feet of ductwork coupled with 3,666 feet of supply piping and 3,856 feet of return piping ensured optimal air circulation and quality. The electrical work entailed pulling over 100,000 feet of AC wiring through the building with a total of 1,016 lighting fixtures installed. Finalizing the MEP work involved 9,370 feet of sprinkler piping and 636 sprinkler heads installed in the ceiling. Building out the department areas, exam rooms, and nurse stations called for 2,515 sheets of drywall, 3,600 drywall studs, and 250 24-foot-tall, prefabricated box beams. These spaces were completed with high-end fixtures, equipment, artwork, and a total of 334 interior and exterior doors.

Project Partners:

Owner: Confidential Client

Architect: Cube3 Architecture

Engineer: R.W. Sullivan Engineering

Wise Project Team:

Project Executive: Andrew Cacciola

Project Manager: Brian Vatelle

Assistant Project Manager: Tony Raei

Superintendent: Herb Pitts

Senior Estimator: Tim Jakubasz

outpatient clinic