Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

10 Brookline Place

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) is committed to providing adults and children with the best treatment available while developing cures through cutting-edge research. In creating more space for research and patient care on the Longwood Campus the DFCI Research administrative group, Clinical Research Center Teams and Epic Training staff were moved to 10 Brookline Place. The renovation was broken up into multiple phases, the first phase being mission critical to the entire movement of departments. Wise had to mobilize quickly and complete the first phase to set the entire move into motion. As soon as phase one was completed it set into motion the movement of other departments, freeing up space on the Longwood Campus. Wise utilized 3D coordination/ scanning to examine existing conditions within the building which was extremely important in coordinating high ceiling heights helping to maintain design integrity and consistency throughout each phase of the project. The building remained fully operational throughout all phases of construction. Wise completed ACM remediation and heavy mechanical upgrades which included shutdowns and tie-ins to the existing MEP systems. A crane pick was coordinated with the neighboring construction site to place rooftop equipment. The project schedule was compressed and Wise was able to meet each milestone on time and on budget. Wise was successful in meeting the schedule by identifying long lead items, and getting early release of critical schedule activities.