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Wise’s Commitment to Safe Construction from Start to Finish

Safety is Wise’s top priority from the first day of a project to the very last. Our interviews with Superintendent Stephen Alberino, Senior Project Manager Julia Kalaev, and Assistant Project Manager Debora Furtado Juliao, explore the vital aspect of maintaining focus and diligence, especially as projects near completion.

As a project is in its final phases of construction, it’s common for people to start thinking about their next assignment. They might be splitting time with a new project or become distracted planning the next steps. To counteract this, we hold daily safety briefings to remind everyone of the importance of safety protocols. These sessions, along with visual reminders strategically placed around the site, reinforce the need for vigilance. Additionally, our superintendents and project managers are visibly present on-site, setting an example and keeping safety top of mind. This includes regular PPE checks to ensure compliance and remind staff that safety is non-negotiable. Any lapses in PPE usage are immediately addressed, and we acknowledge those who consistently follow safety protocols, fostering a culture of compliance.

Keeping motivation high as the project winds down is crucial. We maintain open lines of communication with our trade partners’ offices to ensure that staff receive the necessary support. Regular updates keep everyone informed about the project’s progress and the importance of their role in its successful and safe completion. Acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our team keeps morale high and encourages continued excellence.

Our commitment to safety never falters. We push our team and trade partners to stay safe and maintain the highest standards of performance from start to finish. By fostering a culture of safety, clear communication, and motivation, we ensure that every project concludes as safely and successfully as it began.